Title: Red String of Fate
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Billy x Graham
Genre: Romance, mild angst
Warnings: I’ll say it in advance: this would be one hell of a long narrative one…
Disclaimer: Sunrise staffs and Yun Kouga-sensei, most apologies (as if I would ^^).
Notes: Looking for fluffs ‘n’ sweats? STOP right here. You’re in the wrong section.
Summary: First encounter.

Phase 1 – A Strain To the PastCollapse )

Author’s note:

My first fanfic ever!! Yippee…!
A whole lotta love for Ueda-san and Nakacchi! Their voices are my GN-drive ^^
Recommended track: Jars of Clay’s The Eleventh Hour. Helps to set up the angst mood *sigh*
Well, leave that to my wishful thinking…

I’m a wreck on technical stuff and a sucker for drama, so that’s that.
Feedback is very welcomed.

Thanks to fairiesgonenuts and shiroki_kun, my beta-readers…
Gundam double (z)ero banzai!!